Room Setup (Tech)

Room Setup

  • Each room is equipped with at least an HDMI cable and a loudspeaker system, connecting to either a projector or a smartboard
  • Presenters can hook up their laptops by plugging into the HDMI cable for video and the loudspeakers via the headphone jack for sound

Presenter Preparation Before the Conference

  • Please bring an HDMI converter that works for your computer to help you connect to the projector. Here is a sample. The type of converter you need may vary depending on your computer model.
  • The school has an internet filter that may block some websites. While it is not a strict filter, if you have any websites you would like to ensure are available, please send those in advance so they can be “whitelisted” on the network.
  • Please have a backup of your presentation somewhere in the cloud. This will be a big help in the unlikely event that something happens to your laptop and we need to connect your presentation to a different computer.
  • Please have a power adapter ready for Germany. See sample here.

We are no longer accepting applications for presenting.

Thank you to those who already submitted