Lindamood-Bell is thrilled to support this year’s SENIA conference and to continue to make connections with educators around the world. Our relationship with SENIA began in 2015 when we opened our first learning centre in Asia. Three of our leaders very much enjoyed 2019’s conference at Hong Kong Academy, and our Singapore team was thrilled to have the opportunity to experience a unique film screening organised by Singapore’s local SENIA chapter last year, in partnership with Netflix. We’re excited to share more about our new operations in Hong Kong and how our evidence-based instruction can support students, families, educators, and schools via in-person or virtual services.

Lindamood-Bell has over 30 years of experience building the imagery-language foundation to teach students to read and comprehend. We believe that all individuals can learn to their potential. With fifty-seven Learning Centres worldwide and dozens of seasonal learning camps, we provide individualised instruction to students in person or via live, online instruction. We also offer professional development workshops to educators with a range of options for follow-up coaching including local, regional, and national partnerships with schools and government agencies. Supported by extensive behavioural and neurologic research, our evidence-based instruction is successful for individuals with learning challenges, including dyslexia, ADHD, and autism spectrum disorder.